414 4C

Proper  Name
Kingdom of Nyslavadd

King Foetral (XVII) Gilgaroth
The king has declared that he may be addressed by any of the following titles:
His/Her Magnificence, Foetral [the Number], Ruler of Nyslavadd, the Living God, Conqueror of the Infidel.

 Coat of Arms
The coat of arms for Nyslavadd is three gold rings suspended from a white chain, the middle ring being broken by a white bolt of lightning, all on a field of black. It is shown here for the royal house with gold crown in upper left corner.

Dictatorship. Nyslavadd is the kingdom with the longest history of battling Pestilence. At some point at the end of the Third Cycle, the Archdaemon Govali possessed the king of Nyslavadd who was named Foetral. Since that time, he has lived out his life in the body of the king, sired offspring and moved from the aged body into the younger one (though some claim that he uses other methods to create his new body).
Foetral used all means at his disposal to bring the Nyslavadd to heel. Once his power was consolidated, he turned his attention to his neighbor to the north. In 79 4C, his forces attacked the Elves of the Immerdarke Forest. In subsequent decades, he launched attacks against his neighbor to the east, Toroth. He has aided his brother Dujino in its subjugation of Dunihk.


 Major Towns
Orenghass, Drumpt, Hrengvir, Grogash.

 Provinces & Capitals
County of Tanith'ua (Forest of Lost Souls)
Capital: Yalinhr
Ruler: Azghor of the Blood Moon Horde  (NE Kaddori Shaman Drd6/Src6)

County of Flaggon
Capital: Drumpt
Ruler: Forgani Glurz for Archaemon Govali (King Foetral)  (NE Forgani Brb9)

County of Battlemet
Capital: Hrengvir
Ruler: Count Othmal, Master of House Throrr  (LE male dwarf Ftr10)

County of Aboch
Capital: Orenghass
Ruler: King Foetral XVI/Archdaemon Govali, Master of House Gilgaroth  (NE Archdaemon)

County of Longneck
Capital: Grogash
Ruler: Count Inbrin/Khakal Slethyl Warrior, Master of House Calimhil  (CE male human/Khakal Slethyl Warrior Ftr15)

 Prominent Groups
Ahabi, Ashen Riders, Crimson Shield, Elan, Gralu's Company, Holgl Brotherhood, Konlar, Sattath.

Nyslavadd has been exploited by its rulers for centuries. Its resources include: slaves (Nyslavi and Duni), olives, grapes, wheat, flax, cotton, tobacco, cloth (cotton, linen), goats, sheep, iron, lead, spices, olive oil, wine.

 Major Industries
Masonry, textiles (coarse and fine), ironwork, pottery and glassmaking.

Nyslavadd's erratic rulers have created a difficult environment for merchants. At times they are supportive, keep tolls and taxes low and provide military protection for caravans moving in and out of the kingdom. At other times, however, tolls and taxes are oppressive and some merchants have even claimed that they were robbed by the king's own guard. For the most part, the road system is passable except for the rainy month of Ladin. All of the kingdom's trade occurs overland. Its major trading partner is Dunihk.  

2,400,000-Human 41% (Nyslavi 33%, Duni 8%), Dwarves 19%, Kaddori 18%, Half-Elves 12%, Elves 8%, Gnomes 2%.

 Class Structure
Class structure-Nobles 2%, military (non-Noble) 35%, clergy (non-Noble) 14%, merchants 4%, peasants 25%, slaves 20%.

Common, Elven, Dwarven, Kaddori, Gnomish.


Foetral's Fury (49%), The Unnamed (33%), Temple of the Spider (15%), others (3%).


Toroth, Kakehun.

Long, early spring. Long, hot and humid summers; late summer is the rainy season. Short, cool and dry autumn and winter.

Unusual  Laws and customs
It is unacceptable to touch another person in Nyslavadd, except as an act of intimacy or violence. A man touching a woman in public is an act of betrothal.
 One greets another based on their station relative to your own. You greet a person of higher rank by placing the palms of your hands on your chest and bowing. You greet someone of the same rank with a nod. You do not acknowledge someone of a lesser rank. If the person's rank is unknown to you and they are dressed well, it's better to give them the treatment of a higher rank and embarrass yourself instead of suffering the consequences; if this involves a person of high rank, you could find yourself being branded and sold as a slave, or worse.

Key  Holidays
King Foetral's Birthday (21 Vaylos, which also happens to be Govali's Feast Day)

The slave trade is very active and lucrative in Nyslavadd, as is the profession of slave tracker, someone who returns runaways. These individuals are usually skilled Rangers with a neutral or evil alignment.

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