Profiles of Breminor's Developers 
(Or,... Ignore that man behind the curtain!)

Many believe that Steve has been incarnated several hundred times before, most times in the Middle Ages. His current incarnation is punishment for what he did the last time he was there.  Steve's first and middle initials are "S" and "M" … say no more. To satisfy his desire to get medieval, Steve plays RPGs and writes stories, and has been doing so since the middle '70s. Nothing truly met the need until Steve discovered a Gate to Breminor. He visits there as frequently as Sattath, and his wife, son and dog allow.  

Matthew Shears
Matthew likes nothing better than to sit in The Final Rest Inn and drink a couple of tankards of Tauri Shine, arm wrestle the Khaj bouncer, call into question the fighting skills of Dython recruits, trade saucy tales with members of the Church, bet a Soldar or two that Amulon will have taken Nythoria by the next harvest, and generally annoy the clientele all while composing the next great Breminese ballad.

Tony Marker
He's the one with his mouth hanging open on the right. (The good looking one on the left is his lovely wife, Karen, who has done all the terrific illustrations on this site.) Tony's an assistant professor of instructional and performance technology. He lives with his wife and daughter and two ferocious terriers in Boise.

Although Breminor is an entirely collaborative effort, it's useful to know just which of the above rogues can most likely make up a semi-believable answer to your question on short notice. The table below will help you find that person.
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Thank You's and Attributions 
I really couldn't offer enough thanks to the kind folks at Profantasy for their support in making the maps that appear on this site. Profantasy has, hands down, the best technical support that I've ever had come accross among software makers. Also, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention a couple of the more influential members of the CC2 news group. In particular, I'd like to thank Ralf Schemmann for the guidance to new CC2 users and the fine examples he's provided. If you visit Ralf's wonderful site at, you'll clearly see where a large portion of the inspiration for my maps came from. Many thanks to these people and the many others, unmentioned, who've contributed to these maps and to the betterment of this site.

                                                      -- Tony Marker

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